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Posted by Stacey McLachlan on Sunday, August 21 0 comments

I don't know if the claim that raw food cured this man's colitis is true, but the restaurant that resulted from his foray into natural foods is certainly nothing to scoff at. Organic Lives feels a little industrial at times -- cement floors, a full view into the shining, metal kitchen, the wait-staff in cooking jackets and hairnets -- but the food makes the awkward ambiance worthwhile.

There's all the usual veggie fare on the menu (veggie burgers, soups), but there's twists abound. Pad thai . . .with COCONUT MEAT! Bruchetta . . . on LIVE BREAD! It's all very exciting. I've practically got the vapours.

I went all by my lonesome on a Sunday afternoon, which I regret with all my heart because I really needed someone to split all the delicious looking things with. What I don't regret is ordering the pizza. Delectable! Fresh and flavourful local veggies on flatbread with heirloom tomato sauce and meaty olives. To be fair, it was really only really pizza in the sense that you could theoretically eat it with your hands (and even then, the clerk offered me a fork): There was nut cheese, which I was excited to try, but it was used more like a cream cheese base rather than the gooey topping that pizza is famous for. It wasn't even round, as god intended pizzas to be. Basically: it was just stuff on a crust. Delicious stuff on a crust, but stuff on a crust none-the-less.

It came with caesar salad (see appetizing picture), which was a little soggy (as caesar salads traditionally are), but topped with redeaming croutons. The croutons were made of almonds! What a treat! I kind of wish I just had a bowl of them to snack on. Although I hardly needed it with an entire pizza to myself and also the salad and also (wait for it) COCONUT CREAM PIE!

This pie basically tasted like they pureed a coconut and poured it in a crust, but that's a compliment. Oh man. I'm krazy for kokonut.

The people at the table next to me ordered the pad thai and these creative, decidedly non-Japanese sushi rolls (sprouted pecan whaaaaat!) and fruit crepes and I was pretty jealous. So! This is basically an open invitation to anyone who would like to return to Organic Lives with me, for an uncomfortable sit-down or a visit to their little deli counter/smoothie bar/condiments shop (featuring nuts and chickpea miso and other treats). I think they've got classes, too, but I'm usually too busy eating to plan those sort of activities.

All in all, I give it eight out of ten "pizza" slices. Let's go! Come on! Hurry up!

Organic Lives
1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver

PS: All the pictures were taken by me on my shitty phone camera except for the nice one at the top, which is from the Organic Lives website.

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