Calling All Cookbook Lovers!

Posted by Jayme Brooks on Thursday, July 28 1 comments

This is one of my favourite wastes of time ever! The idea behind Cookbooker is to let users add recipe reviews to all the cookbooks on their shelf. This will appeal to those of you who have a passion for cookbooks, cooking, and most of all making lists of things (you know who you are).

The thing I love most about this website is how much it has turned me into a crazy cooking machine. Once you have all your cookbooks lined up nicely on your virtual shelf, you can see all those books with 0 recipe reviews sitting there and mocking you. Not to mention the competitive need to be on the top 30 recipe reviewer page. That is a prestigious award that is not given out to just anybody!

At the moment this is a pretty new website with lots of room for growth and improvement. That's where you come in. While this isn't a vegan website, it already has a decent vegan or semi-vegan membership. But it could be better! If any of this sounds like fun to you, then go make yourself an account and friend me. I'm always excited to see what other people are cooking.

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  1. Lee says:

    You really are a crazy cooking machine Jayme! Reading your reviews on Cookbooker has spurred me on to cook even more new recipes too. I love it!

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