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Posted by Stacey McLachlan on Wednesday, June 29 2 comments

I am in desperate need of a disguise. There's a vegan bakery called Edible Flours that's one bus stop away from my office. I have been four times in two weeks, and it's always the same dude working there. I can only assume he's starting to recognize me. It's embarrassing.

And yet I persist on hopping on the bus during my lunch break and picking up a treat every few days (I work VERY HARD answering the phone six, sometimes seven times a day! And looking at pictures of pigs on the internet really is a drain on the blood sugar). I suppose worse than some stranger thinking I'm a glutton is the fact that this is what I literally am. Dabbling in veganism is not always the health-minded activity that it appears. Yeah, I'm not eating butter, but I am eating a looooot of chocolate. I'm Augustus Gloop-ing it, basically.

Edible Flours is somehow able to make you feel really disgusted with yourself while actually being vaguely good for you. I know, science-wise, that's it's probably healthier to avoid fatty milk and cholesteroly (cholesterolesque?) egg yolks, which are traditionally (and again, I'm speaking scientifically here) what make things delicious. But mouth and gut-wise, even without these seemingly essential ingredients, Edible Flours' baked goods manage to be decadent beyond a doubt. Sometimes, as in the case of the Maple Icing Cookie Sandwich, probably a little too decadent. I would liken it to a bender, a night out on the town with the gals that gets a little too Ke$ha and quickly takes a turn for the worst. At first, it's fun: "I'm eating two cookies at once, what a lark!" It's only later as the icing creeps through your veins that these thoughts turn dark, morphing into something more like "I think I am going to throw up because I essentially just ate a cup of imitation-butter butter cream".

. . . Just to clarify, this is a positive review. 

Here are some things that I've eaten at Edible Flours:
- A chocolate donut with chocolate icing and then on top of that icing, maple icing
- A chocolate donut with marshmallows on top
- A cupcake covered in cookie dough (beat that, Leanne)

Yes, yes, there are also items there that weren't seemingly invented by a kindergartner: zucchini and scone-type things and booooooored there's no icccccinnnnnggg. 

We don't have a rating system yet for reviews, so I'm just going to eyeball this and award Edible Flours 7 sticks of Earth Balance margarine out of a possible 10. Check it out! Bring me back something stuffed with peanut butter. I'm a bit of a health nut, you see.

Edible Flours, 2280 West Broadway, Vancouver,

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  1. Oh man, we loved this place on our visit! We were there for a week and hit this joint TWICE. And bought doughnuts both times...couldn't resist.

    By the way, this is Cassie from Goodreads ;)

  2. Well, I'm crazy and just realized that this is a group blog, with multiple writers.

    Hello to you too! (Jayme's page was how I found your blog ;)

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